Access to the Keys

Access to the Keys breaks down barriers  by providing access to the transformative power of the piano. Learning to play the piano is avenue to empowerment and confidence. In the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion, A2K provides keyboards/pianos, lessons and enrichment to program participants. A financial barrier should not hinder one from the desire to play piano.

Students in our program are provided with keyboards, materials and instruction.

Program Start Dates

*Summer Cohort June- Aug- begins virtually

*After school Program- TBD 


If you are an Adminstrator or leader in your school and would like the Access to the Keys program in your school please contact

Jeanetta Hopkins, Executive Director


Piano Practice

Levels Offered

*Level 1: Overture to the Keys- 0-1 year experience

*Level 2 : Debut to the Keys- 1-3 years of experience

*Level 3 : Budding Pianist - 3-5 years of experience

*Level 4 : Independent Pianist -5 plus years of experience